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Why choose Master of Sales Training (MOST)?

Our development programs provide you with a verbal and non-verbal communication methodology that can really take you to the next level.  

Today, old sales schemes no longer work, because consumer buying behavior has changed. Making cold calls are no longer effective enough, you need social selling skills, a professional online communication background and of course a customer-centric approach. Motivational presentations can help build momentum for a few days, but to achieve lasting results, you need more.

Courses on communication usually focus on what we say, but studies have shown that how we say something has a much greater impact on our message. The conscious use of body language is the missing ingredient for most people (it’s especially important among salespeople and managers). Negotiation and sales techniques, along with online communication are equally essential for success. These are areas that we have tested, put into practice and thus helped our partners achieve a 15-85% growth by applying what they have learned.


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Several large companies and brands have already honored us with their trust. Some of them are:


Nóra Bíró, ambassador of conscious communication, expert in body language

Hungary’s expert in non-verbal communication and body language. Founder of Master of Sales Training (MOST). She has a unique way of teaching domestic and multinational companies how to observe, understand and apply the nonverbal cues essential for successful negotiations, through hands-on training. Beyond the world of online and offline negotiation, she is also an expert in effective LinkedIn and social media communication.

She graduated from ELTE and gained practical experience as a consultant, senior manager, then senior trainer, where she worked in sales, management and organizational development. Nóra is a committed advocate of lifelong learning and is constantly developing her skills both at home and abroad. She has successfully completed online education courses in sales and psychology at Harvard University, University of California, Berkeley, and others. In cooperation with Piac&Profit, she created Hungary’s first online body language course. She is a Forbes guest author and a regular speaker at well-known conferences. Nóra believes that through proper communication and conscious body language, we can live a more honest and meaningful life