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Body language

We believe that through proper communication and conscious body language, we can live a more honest and meaningful life.

Courses on communication usually focus on what we say, but studies have shown that how we say something has a much greater impact on our message. The conscious use of body language is the missing ingredient for most people (it’s especially important among salespeople and managers). This presentation will illustrate the power of non-verbal communication through images, videos and lots of practical examples and give you an insight into this mysterious world.

The first time we meet someone our brain “runs a quick program”. It’s difficult to repeat that first impression, because a second first impression doesn’t exist. In addition to the psychological background of the first (and second) impression, we will cover body language techniques that will guide you in building a positive image and trust. What this presentation will help you do is to make those first 7 seconds more conscious and show you a methodology that helps make the other person more open.

Body language is one of our most important tools of communication and when we combine it with our voice, it says much more about us than our words. We study confident communication through images and videos of well-known leaders from home and abroad. 

In our presentation we will take a look at the non-verbal signals that can be crucial for taking a determined stance in a negotiation, including the meaning of colors, the position of power, managerial gestures and leg body language cues.

Body language is a language that everyone speaks, yet few people truly understand. In this unique presentation, we explore the mysterious world of body language and learn to interpret specific signs through practical examples. We’ll cover what postures and gestures say and how to recognize when someone is lying. Our presentation will provide you with knowledge that can be immediately applied in everyday negotiations.

Duration of presentations: 20-60 minutes

Customized presentations are also available for team building or annual corporate events. Presentations are available online and offline as well.


Online communication

“We get 80% of our information through our eyes, so where we look when we talk online is particularly important…”

If you’d like to take your online communication to the next level, this is the presentation you’ll need! Whether you want to make your internal, corporate communication or your communication with clients more consistent and professional, you will need to learn the technical background, the ability to deal with unexpected problems – even those arising from technical difficulties – and how to prepare for them professionally.

Online communication has become indispensable. New platforms are challenging the tried, tested and successful techniques previously used in face-to-face negotiations. To be at least as effective online as offline, it is necessary to achieve digital trust before and during the meeting, as well as use virtual tools to help maintain attention. All these will be covered in our practice-oriented online presentation.

Many misunderstandings and frustrations arise from a poorly worded email or from incorrect punctuation. Our presentation will address and prevent these and teach you what to look out for in your digital communication, whether it be email, video conferencing or messaging, on all platforms.

Today, old sales schemes no longer work, because shopping habits have changed. And the reason is that our customers have never had as much information as they do today. In fact, the customer already has 70% of the information needed to make a decision before meeting the salesperson. This potential is worth exploiting through LinkedIn and other social platforms. Our presentation will introduce these trends and provide guidance on how to use social media platforms for sales.

Duration of presentations: 30-90 minutes

Tailor-made programs are also available. As the subject is online communication, it is most effective to deliver the presentation online.



“People often don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” (Steve Jobs)

What would you say about yourself in a short elevator ride from the ground floor to the 6th? How do you start an introduction in a way that will be remembered for days? Whether it’s at a networking event, a business breakfast or even a pitch at the beginning of a meeting, salespeople and sales managers should have a 30-60 second passionate business story ready at the drop of a hat. The techniques to prepare and deliver such a speech are covered in this presentation.

Decoy effect, first offer trap, good guy – bad guy strategy. Just a few techniques this presentation has in stock for the sales team. If you want to equip them with a truly field-tested sales toolkit beyond “quantity to quality”, this is the presentation that will have something new to show the novice consultant as well as the professional with 20+ years of experience.

Building the focus around the customer is the most effective and ethical attitude in sales. To provide a true customer experience, the salesperson must become a consultant and an expert. To develop a personal brand as an expert , you need tools that are up to date and really work. This presentation will help with examples and methods.

Whether it’s professional questioning, arguing, or handling objections, you’ll get a practical presentation for your sales team. We give 60 or 90 minute practice-oriented sessions with example sentences and situations in one of the three topics.

Duration of presentations: 30-90 minutes

Customized presentations are also available for team building or annual corporate events. These are available online and offline as well. Other programs on sales are also available, regarding motivation, feedback, sales leadership or train the trainer topics.